2. Privacy policy

Privacy policy

  1. TAKINO, KAWASAKI & ASSOCIATES and all its staff members (hereinafter referred to as “TAKINO”) recognizes its social responsibility in,and the importance of protecting personal information and properly handling personal information . TAKINO shall continue to be a reliable patent law firm dedicated to protecting personal information.
  2. TAKINO shall take reasonable measures to carefully and properly handle personal information,and to establish a management system for the protection of personal information in accordance with actual and necessary business practices.
  3. In collecting personal information, and to clarify the purpose of acquiring such information, TAKINO shall use lawful and fair means to the extent necessary to achieve that purpose.
  4. TAKINO will use personal information only within the scope of the purpose of use as clearly provided in advance.
  5. TAKINO shall take all reasonable measures to prevent the loss of personal information or unauthorized access,destruction,falsification,and/or leakage of personal information,through the implementation of safety measures including information security and the accurate and up-to-date maintenance of personal information.
  6. For the realization of secure personal information protection,TAKINO shall take all reasonable measures to comply with the laws and regulations and other norms that apply to personal information.
  7. TAKINO will strive to maintain,review and improve the management system it has established for protecting personal information and the contents thereof.
  8. TAKINO will take reasonable measures to timely respond to inquiries or requests for information from third parties as may be  appropriate under law  or in accordance  with the policies of TAKINO to respect the rights of the person(s) that may be the subject of such inquiries or requests,including but not limited to disclosing information only about the firm,correcting or deleting the personal information of the person(s) upon request from the peron(s) in question ,denying disclosure of the personal information and/or providing only such information as requires under force of law or regulation by a government agency or the courts.
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